Scale Smarter: Must-have Features in Your Next Polymer 3D Printer

When shopping for a new polymer additive manufacturing printer, look for features that enable superior productivity, versatility, and repeatability

Download the eguide and learn about advanced system capabilities that:

  • Drive productivity by reducing set-up time, accelerating build speeds, and decreasing downtime and maintenance, in addition to simplifying the learning curve for operators and other personnel
  • Improve repeatability with new imaging capabilities, better thermal management, and state-of-the-art quality control and monitoring systems
  • Ensure versatility with modular hardware and open system approach to software and materials

How to determine which polymer AM system is right for you

Additive manufacturing (AM) is vital for prototyping, but once a design is finalized, product designers, many times switch to older, traditional methods like injection molding.
Advanced manufacturing technologies are changing the game. Now you can finally implement polymer AM solutions that scale beyond prototyping, and into serial production.
But, you can’t just buy with today’s requirements in mind. You need to protect your investment by selecting a polymer 3D printer that can grow with your business.

The best polymer AM system will allow you to fill the gap, offering specific features that are precisely engineered for digital manufacturing, while also offering the capabilities needed for R&D and prototyping. Our new eGuide highlights the key features companies should keep in mind when considering a new AM solution.

Gain these powerful insights and more in our new eGuide - Scale Smarter: Must-Have Features in Your Next Polymer 3D Printer

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