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10 Ways to Improve System Productivity

10 Ways to Improve System Productivity

The ability to produce high-quality parts efficiently, dependably, and consistently is vital for all manufacturing organizations. As an additive manufacturing (AM) expert, you’re well aware of AM’s extensive benefits in the realm of production. This isn’t your first rodeo: When you’re considering the value of a new industrial metal 3D printer, you’re likely focusing on three key traits for your production needs: Productivity, reliability, and repeatability.

The latter – reliability and repeatability – are a give for the DMLS technology of the EOS metal systems. Any and all productivity levers are worthless without this reliability and repeatability.

In this eGuide we focused on the productivity aspect offering insights into some new features that contribute just as significantly to the productivity of a metal additive manufacturing system as the number of lasers which are often hyped.

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  • Understand how features such as scanning strategies, laser calibration, two-sided recoating and more can impact productivity
  • See how automation, software connectivity, remote service influence productivity
  • Learn how collaboration should also be viewed as an accelerator.

Get these insights and more in our eGuide: 10 Ways to Improve System Productivity

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